Tim Ted cosy shoes are especially designed for tiny baby feet. They provide comfort, cosiness and flexible protection for newborns and babies up to 12 months.
Made with lots of love and attention in our studio in Nottinghamshire, our shoes come in a range of colours and make an ideal gift for a new baby. Shop our range now.
While leaving your baby's feet bare is best for their development, there are moments when you need to protect them from the cold. Tim Ted shoes are designed with this in mind. They are soft, light-weight and created to be as close to your baby going barefoot as possible.  


Attention to detail

Designing each pair of shoes is the real fun part of what we do - especially choosing the fabrics. Although difficult to resist, we made the decision not to add buttons, bows or pompoms to our shoes as these decorations, though delightful, are potential choking hazards. All our fabrics are pre-washed in a washing liquid made for sensitive skin to reduce the risk of irritating babies' delicate feet - however we cannot claim to completely eliminate the risk of irritation. 

Kind to tiny feet 

flexible-allowing the toes to bend easily

provide protection without being restrictive

lightweight- allowing easy movement

breathable - with inner lining of natural material 

Cosy and soft

All our shoes are:
lightly padded for added softness
lined with a finely woven soft cotton muslin fabric making them ideal to wear with or without socks
soft soled giving unrestricted movement
elasticated heels to ease dressing and help to keep them on tiny baby feet
all seams concealed for additional comfort


We make Tim Ted shoes in two sizes

♥  0-6 months,
with a sole size of
11 cm long and 7 cm wide approx.

♥  6-12 months,
with a sole size of 
12 cm long and 7 cm wide approx.

♥ Which size should I choose ?

Babies feet can vary greatly in size, not surprisingly as they all start off life with their very own unique birth weight. Our advice would be to measure your baby's feet then choose the shoe size that allows for a little wiggle room.

Caring for your shoes

All shoes will carry a removable tag stating:

the fabric used to make up the shoe, for example 100% cotton uppers, soles and lining, inner filler, 100% polyester.

washing instructions: hand-wash at 30°, air-dry, cool iron if necessary.